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Our consultants bring extensive global experience from SEA (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, etc), Europe (Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, etc), China, etc. to every project. They have worked with clients from over 30 countries across a wide range of industries, providing them with valuable insights into international best practices and market trends.

Our team has a deep understanding of the industries and markets we serve, thanks to our extensive research experience and access to a wide range of data sources. We have conducted over 1,650 market research projects across Southeast Asia in the past years, 1M interviews using advanced analytics techniques to generate insights that drive business results.

GCOMM's network consists of over 50 partners across the APAC region. We have conducted market research in over 15 countries in recent years. Our specialized knowledge and profound understanding of the local context have helped our clients succeed in overcoming cultural and language barriers, as well as regulatory and compliance issues.